Criminal Law

The vicissitudes of life sometimes lead a client into the crosshairs of law enforcement. Freedom can be at stake, as well as finances and reputation. Mateer Harbert lawyers have served as prosecutors and public defenders. They know how the Florida justice system operates, so their advice is forged in the environment where these challenges get resolved. Their guidance and counsel is critical. Negotiations may solve your problems, but they will be with you through trial if that is what it takes to properly represent you. Don’t assume you’re up against something you can’t beat – get advice from someone who knows what’s coming your way. You have constitutional rights the state can’t take away, and Mateer Harbert can protect them.

So-called simple cases can ruin your record as fast as something complicated. If you are dealing with trained police and prosecutors, it only makes sense to have an equally skilled professional on your side. If your freedom is at stake, or your driving privileges, or you have been caught in a mess you did not make, call Mateer Harbert today for the help you need.

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