Jim Lussier Saves Church Client from Huge Code Enforcement Fine

July 21, 2016 — It is surprisingly easy for well-meaning but unsuspecting citizens to get catawampus with local government. That is what happened to a small Church congregation that failed to get a City-required Certificate of Use when they rented an office-warehouse to use for their church services. By the time Mateer Harbert attorneys got involved, the City’s fines were mounting at $250 per day, and were about to become liens against the real estate, setting up a fight with the landlord over money the Church did not have. Operating long distance, Shareholder Jim Lussier coordinated the acquisition of mechanical, electrical and fire inspections and finally got the Certificates issued. However, more than one year had elapsed since the fines started, so the Church was handed a bill for $115,250. Jim prepared a Petition to mitigate the fines, and then attended the public hearing before a Special Magistrate to argue for a reduction. To the surprise and delight of the Church members who attended, the Special Magistrate was convinced by Jim that the efforts of the Church were enough, and that the initial failure to respond had to be forgiven. The fine was reduced to only $250! Whether there was any divine intervention is not known, but the Mateer Harbert intervention had near-miraculous effect!