Tech Law Practice Group

The growth of technology has allowed Mateer Harbert to focus on a wide variety of legal services for our clients. Whether we are providing a business with legal advice about their technology or litigating a technology-related dispute, our attorneys provide an innovative and effective legal strategy to help our clients achieve their goals and manage their technological challenges.

Mateer Harbert attorneys have experience litigating an assortment of issues that focus on technology, including cyber-security and insurance; IT professional liability; telecommunications; online advertising; social media disputes; privacy and data security; fraud; and contractual disputes involving IT services, software development, and licensing agreements.

Our firm also helps clients understand the legal aspects of the technology they must acquire to succeed in the modern digital age. In addition to providing advice on business planning and formation, we have assisted clients in providing legal analysis and risk assessment for data breach liability; in complying with requirements of HIPAA and similar laws; in selecting cybersecurity policies and procedures for their business; and by representing our client’s best interests in preparing various hardware, software, and website agreements.

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