State & Local Taxation

Death and Taxes may be sure things, but taxes can be harder to understand and deal with, whether in your personal life or in the life of your business. Mateer Harbert’s decades-long representation of the Orange County Property Appraiser and Orange County Tax Collector has generated a depth of understanding of property taxation that no one else could have. State sales taxes can be a trap for any business owner who gets behind or doesn’t keep their eyes on the ball. Federal tax withholding problems require the level of understanding and experience that Mateer Harbert has. Tax authorities, including the IRS, do respond to the power of knowledge and persuasion that Mateer Harbert attorneys bring to the table. The accumulation of penalties and interest can dwarf a claim if allowed to grow. The time to get advice on your tax questions is early in the process, not late in the game when tax liens are being filed and subpoenas are arriving, but we can help then, too. We look forward to taking your call and learning how we can help you pay your taxes fairly, and avoid the penalties and stigma of tax payment oversights.

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