Probate & Guardianship

For clients confronted with probate needs, the most effective attorney is one who understands estate planning, knows the rules and procedures unique to probate court and has excellent trial experience. At Mateer Harbert, we provide probate assistance to a variety of clients: personal representatives, individual heirs and beneficiaries, charitable and nonprofit organizations with an interest in an estate or trust, fiduciaries, estate and trust creditors, and financial institutions.

Because probate disputes frequently involve disagreements among family members, we approach each case with care and discretion. Our attorneys provide sensible counsel about the dispute, as well as a carefully considered strategy that positions our client for success.

Guardianships are necessary when a person becomes incapacitated and there is no person legally authorized to, on the person’s behalf, manage affairs, pay bills, and arrange for personal care. Guardianships are also necessary when an under-age person’s assets exceed certain amounts. Mateer Harbert attorneys are able to petition for court appointment of a guardian and to advise on the guardian’s duties.

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