Mediation & Arbitration

Mateer Harbert has been a leader as alternative dispute resolution has developed in Florida. Trial practice and vindication of our clients’ rights in state and federal courts has been transformed in the last three decades by mediation and arbitration, two areas in which Mateer Harbert has the experience and skill that our clients consciously seek and appreciate.

Mediation. It is the rare lawsuit that is not obligated to engage in mediation – a formal settlement conference before a neutral third party. The client’s case is first developed sufficiently so that its strengths and weaknesses can be evaluated. It is then presented in a fashion designed to accentuate its value and provide the strongest negotiation position possible. The advocacy skills we hone in our trial practice are applied at mediation to obtain the client’s goals without the risk and expense of trial.

The trial skills that make Mateer Harbert lawyers excellent litigators also makes them excellent mediators – four of our lawyers regularly serve as mediators. The insights learned from litigation enable our mediators to apply their skills of persuasion on behalf of all parties. These experiences translate to better representation when they are back in the role of advocate. Such a well-rounded and robust wealth of experience makes the Mateer Harbert attorney better suited to represent you in resolving your business or personal dispute.

Arbitration. Many clients find it beneficial to contract for a private dispute resolution proceeding through arbitration. Mateer Harbert’s litigators find that the same skills they use in civil suits function superbly in arbitration. Advocacy, aggressive marshalling of evidence, cogent presentations of testimony and evidence, and skilled arguments combine to make arbitrations handled by Mateer Harbert excellent opportunities for our clients to achieve their goals.

The commitment of Mateer Harbert lawyers to orderly, efficient and fair dispute resolution had inspired several of the Firm’s attorneys to become certified as civil case arbitrators with the American Arbitration Association. Four Mateer Harbert attorneys currently serve as AAA arbitrators. Just as in our mediation practices, service as arbitrators provides a unique form of training and experience that makes the Mateer Harbert attorney better suited to represent you in resolving your business or personal dispute.

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