Media Law

The First Amendment is one of the most powerful parts of our Constitution. It touches individuals and industries. This area of the law is both complex and personal. Mateer Harbert Attorneys have represented large media clients and individuals fighting for the right to speak freely. Mateer Harbert attorneys have assisted media law clients in the following types of matters:

  • Defending newspapers, broadcast companies and entertainment figures in defamation actions
  • Assisting newspapers and broadcast companies to gain access to court proceedings, search warrants, documents and other items that were sealed either by a government agency or a court
  • Representing reporters and other staff members of newspapers and broadcast companies who have been subpoenaed to provide testimony or documents either by private parties or by government institutions
  • Providing assistance regarding daily newsroom and editorial issues
  • Public records access and Government in the Sunshine questions
  • Counseling regarding website content and social media

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