Labor & Employment

Mateer Harbert attorneys have advised business owners for decades on the complex interplay of employee and employer rights created by contracts and the many statutes governing labor and employment issues. We advise clients concerning compliance audits, assist employers in determining whether employees are truly exempt from minimum wage and overtime requirements, and advise employers on the recordkeeping requirements under the various wage and hour laws. We defend wage and hour lawsuits in court, including class and collective actions. These lawsuits involve such issues as overtime, missed meal and break periods, prevailing wages, and recordkeeping and payroll deductions.

Increasingly important aspects of employee relations involve employee defection, employee recruitment and trade secrets protection. This can lead us into litigating and advising clients on covenants not to compete; non-solicitation, non-recruitment, non-use and non-disclosure agreements; trade secrets and confidential business information; unfair competition and employee raiding; fiduciary duty and duty of loyalty claims; and statutory issues under the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and various state trade secrets, computer protection and unfair competition statutes.

Discrimination claims are typically complicated fact patterns with significant emotional issues adding to the complexities. Mateer Harbert attorneys combine their knowledge of the law with their experience as litigators and their perceptions of human behavior in order to analyze situations where an individual’s rights may clash with the organization’s plans or beliefs. Our dispute resolution skills find especially fertile ground for application in this atmosphere. We look forward to helping you understand your rights and protecting your business or job.

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