Intellectual Property & Entertainment Law

Mateer Harbert shares our clients’ great interest in monetizing and protecting value of their intellectual property assets. We understand the ways in which copyrights and trademarks are created, protected, and valued. We work with clients to determine the best strategy to capitalize on their creativity, whether it is a software program, new music, book or movie script. For patent inquiries, we maintain relationships with specialized patent counsel. We possess experience, knowledge, and judgment that help businesses and individuals prosper through the protection of their intellectual property. Whether you require guidance in establishing proper trademark use, publishing contracts, negotiating licensing opportunities, clearing advertising, or litigating infringement actions, we have the expertise. Specific areas of intellectual property work include:

  • Intellectual property counseling and the protection of proprietary rights
  • Technology transfers, licensing and computer law, and the procurement of computer systems.
  • Counseling authors, publishers, songwriters and movie producers on a variety of issues ranging from contracts to investor relations to infringement of creative rights.
  • Counseling regarding website content.

Intellectual property also includes the know-how our clients develop, and their relationships with their own clients. Many times these take the form of trade secrets. Competition needs to be fair. Your ability to protect your competitive advantages helps keep it fair. Your customer lists, your product pricing, your secret formulas, are things you may have to fight to keep or get back. Mateer Harbert lawyers can help. If an employee is leaving to work for a competitor and is ignoring the non-competition agreement she signed, Mateer Harbert lawyers can help.

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